Mathieu Kassovitz: French actor and La Haine director ‘seriously injured’ in motorbike accident


Mathieu Kassovitz: French actor and La Haine director 'seriously injured' in motorbike accident

The French actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz is in a “worrying” condition after a motorbike crash on Sunday. 

The 56-year-old was “seriously injured” in the accident on a motorcycle training course in greater Paris, according to local media.

He was preparing for a role in an upcoming film when he crashed, suffering a fractured pelvis and head trauma, Le Parisien reported.

One of his daughters was behind him on a motorbike when the incident happened, the newspaper also said. She was not hurt.

Mr Kassovitz was taken to Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital, BFMTV reported.

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The actor and director is best known for his 1995 film La Haine, which he wrote and starred in.

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He is also known for his work on Amélie, The Bureau and The Crimson Rivers.

In his most recent film Visions, which premiered two weeks ago, he plays the husband of Diane Kruger, a pilot who begins an affair with her ex-girlfriend.


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