People injured after P&O cruise ship involved in ‘weather-related incident’ in Mallorca


People injured after P&O cruise ship involved in 'weather-related incident' in Mallorca

People have been injured after a P&O cruise liner was involved in a “weather-related incident” in Mallorca, the company has said.

It is reported that P&O ship Britannia, carrying thousands of travellers, crashed into a freight vessel on Sunday morning during severe storms.

One passenger’s footage showed torrid gusts sweeping across the waves from the ship’s window.

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P&O Cruises told Sky News the ship was involved in a “weather-related incident” alongside the port in Palma, Mallorca’s capital.

The company added that a “small number of people” sustained minor injuries and were being treated by their onboard medical team.

It added that it would make an assessment of Britannia, which would remain in Palma for the night with “onboard entertainment and activities scheduled”.

People injured after P&O cruise ship involved in 'weather-related incident' in Mallorca

According to the company’s website, Britannia has 13 guest decks and an operating capacity of 3,647 guests and 1,350 crew.

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It left Southampton’s port on 18 August for a two-week Mediterranean cruise passing through Cadiz and Ibiza, before getting caught near Palma de Mallorca.

Videos have emerged of extreme winds catapulting debris into buildings on one of the island’s many resorts.


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