Samuel Newey: British volunteer ‘killed in action’ fighting in Ukraine


Samuel Newey: British volunteer 'killed in action' fighting in Ukraine

A British volunteer has been “killed in action” fighting in eastern Ukraine, his brother has said.

Samuel Newey, 22, had travelled to the country to fight just before his 21st birthday.

His brother Daniel Newey wrote on Facebook: “I cannot put into words how broken I feel.

“I also cannot emphasise how proud I am of my little brother.

“He’d just turned 21 when he decided to answer the call and travel to Ukraine to push back against Russian imperialism.

“Sam, you gave your life for people you never knew and acted with courage, morality and honour.”

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The tribute added: “Not only are you my little brother, but you’re an exceptional man, a good soldier and one of the bravest people I ever had the privilege of knowing.

“Thank you so much for being part of my life for these 22 years. I love you always brother.”

The Foreign Office has said it is supporting the family of a British man following his death in Ukraine.

Samuel Newey appeared in court in February 2020 after he and his father, Paul Newey, were charged with terrorism offences for allegedly illegally assisting Daniel, who was a British volunteer fighting against Islamic State in Syria.

Charges were dropped against the pair following a Crown Prosecution Service review in July that same year.


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